Need a HotelHouse in North Dallas?

About three years back we stumbled across the mother of all modern manses being built where Northaven Road turns into E. Ricks Circle, only to discover it was the future residence of country singer Darren Kozelsky. Hadn't thought of it since, not till I drove past it again a couple of weeks ago. Said the 7-year-old in the backseat: "Looks like a convention center hotel." Then, this morning, this e-mail shows up from a Friend of Unfair Park: "Now it's for sale! Only $11,500,000."

Sure enough, looks like the almost-15,000-sf behemoth went on the market only yesterday, finally affording us a tour, however virtual it may be. Always did want a pool that wraps around the house. A moat, I think it's called. Still, I'm laying out that kind of dough, I'm moving into the ginormo Macaroni Grill on Strait. Way bigger kitchen.

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Robert Wilonsky
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