Neimans Responds to the Now-Ubiquitous Rumor Concerning "More Layoffs Monday"

In recent days -- at least, ever since this item ran -- I've gotten, oh, maybe 15 e-mails from so-called Neiman Marcus insiders claiming the company's close to collapse and, at the very least, preparing for yet another round of deep, painful layoffs. Someone posted such a comment to Unfair Park only yesterday in the item concerning Mark Shale's demise. Some bemoan the state of the Dallas retailing institution; others suffer from rather unattractive bouts of schadenfreude.

Regardless, last night I sent Neimans spokesperson Ginger Reeder an e-mail to ask about the missives and murmurs, which have become as ubiquitous as the myth surrounding the store's chocolate chip cookie recipe. She replied quite promptly:

I believe the repeated "more layoffs Monday" rumors are related to nervousness over the continuing internal business review (and possible subsequent reorganization) of different divisions that began several months before the downturn. Over the next few months, there will likely be some more layoffs or job eliminations related to this review -- but not on the same scale as in January and February. Every job loss is wrenching and regrettable, and we are hoping to keep them to a minimum.

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