Nerd Alert: No More WizardWorld Texas

That's the word from, which says that come November, the Arlington Convention Center will no longer be cram-packed with action figures, comic books and other fanboys favorites brought to the DFW courtesy the annual WizardWorld comic convention. Which comes as little surprise: Attendees of this year's event say attendance was sparse, at best; and last we heard, the only notable occurrence at 2008's shindig was Corey Feldman's complaint that he was conned at the con.

The woman who answered the phone at the Arlington Convention Center today told Unfair Park "We're not sure," when asked whether the event's been axed. Arlington's coordinator for the event, Scott Magness, is out till later today, and we'll update accordingly. Messages have also been left for Wizard chief marketing officer Stephen Shamus; the event is put on by the comic industry's equivalent of Entertainment Weekly. Alas, it was but five years ago the event was a big deal, bringing in the likes of Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds, out promoting Blade: Trinity; Kevin Smith's sidekick Jason Mewes; and a host of big-time comic writers and artists.

Then again, local fanboys and girls will not go without: There's always Mark Walters and Ben Stevens' excellently run Dallas Comic Con, which takes place at the end of the month -- and features special guest Thomas Jane. Best Arrested Development cameo ever? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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