Never Give Up, Jared Padalecki, Never Surrender!

Jared Padelecki's back on the market. Or something.

Till this morning, I'm not sure I knew the name Jared Padalecki -- maybe some guy with whom I went to Hebrew school? Guess I shoulda paid closer attention to Patrick "Buzz" Williams' beloved Gilmore Girls. Or, more to the point, The CW's Supernatural, which was feted over the weekend at a Salute to Supernatural held at the Hyatt Regency DFW. Since its posting to YouTube last night, a few thousand folks have dialed up footage taken during the event, as the native Texan announced he was no longer engaged to actress, former Laker Girl and MENSA member Sandra McCoy. Why you announce things like this at fan conventions I have no idea. Suddenly, though, I have a real craving to watch Galaxy Quest for the 429th time. --Robert Wilonsky

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