New Footage of JFK Motorcade Available. If It Ever Loads.

So, that sniper's perch thing didn't seem to work out, hunh? Never you mind that. Here's something better, and it's totally gratis. Over at the Sixth Floor Museum's Web site, they've just posted a newly discovered home movie of "the fateful Kennedy motorcade" that escorted the president from Love Field to Dealey Plaza. Says the site: "The photographer, George Jefferies, filmed President and Mrs. Kennedy on Main Street at Lamar in downtown Dallas less than 90 seconds before the assassination." According to the museum. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, who was assigned to protect First Lady Jackie Kennedy, can be seen riding on the left rear bumper.

The footage was donated by Jefferies' son-in-law, Wayne Graham, and if you go over to the site, be warned: It takes forever to load, if it does at all. (We got on once, then kept getting this message: "Service Unavailable.") That's probably because this afternoon, an Associated Press piece about the new footage also moved, and folks are no doubt filling their holiday by watching one of their fave presidents during those moments just before he was killed in downtown Dallas. Nonetheless, in the AP story, Sixth Floor Museum curator Gary Mack says the silent, 8 mm color film is "the clearest, best film of Jackie in the motorcade." Happy Presidents Day! --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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