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New Midlake Video: Very Calming

It occured to me this morning, as I was trolling YouTube for something entirely different, that we never posted the winning entry in the make-a-Midlake-video contest sponsored by the band's label, World's Fair. The winner was announced December 15. Here it is, then -- the winning entry for "It Covers the Hillsides" by Angus Borsos of Vancouver, British Columbia. Looks like ol' got the whole family involved: The cast includes Boy (Silas Borsos), Girl (Maddy Campbell), Man (Jeremy Borsos) and Woman (Sus Borsos). It's very...pleasant. Soothing, even. Catatonic, almost. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus Video: Midlake, "It Covers the Hillsides" (dir. Angus Borsos)

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Robert Wilonsky
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