New Shoes: $40. New Pants: $73. Commissioners Court Meetings: Priceless.

Dallas County Judge Jim Foster isn't the only guy at 411 Elm Street on Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price's shit list; there's always Commissioner Ken Mayfield, last seen arguing with Price over the meaning of a "black hole." Now, this chapter in their ongoing love affair: WFAA-Channel 8 has the video of Price and Mayfield's nose-to-nose showdown concerning the power-washing of sidewalks covered in bird excrement and the accidental moistening of Mayfield, who asked Price to reschedule the clean-up during the commissioners' off-hours. Which led to this response from Price: "You the only motherfucker out here worried about getting sprayed ... We heard no complaints from anybody else."

And speaking of Price, we're also making available to you the two petitions about which Mark wrote yesterday -- the ones in which Price demands the depositions of U.S. Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson and Foster in anticipation of filing suit against the two, and possibly the Observer, for defaming him. They're after the jump.

Price's petition to take Eddie Bernice Johnson's deposition

Price's petition to take Dallas County Judge Jim Foster's deposition

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