New Sportatorium Feature: The Totally Unsubstantiated Rumor Mill

Okay gang, I'm swamped up to here this week working on a Dallas Observer cover story for later this month. So I don't have the luxury of pouring economically dripping my usual time and/or effort into tracking down whispers.

That said, I'd also never prevent a good rumor from potentially blossoming on this here blog.

So here goes:

*Plano's favorite MILF and Cougar cave - Martini Park - is under new ownership and will soon re-open as - ta-da! - Martini Lounge. I know, creative, huh? I hear the joint will have more sit-down tables and be a little more restauranty. But don't worry Shops at Legacy, rumor is your customers are indeed coming back.

*The Mavericks are talking to the Phoenix Suns about trading for Shaquille O'Neal. Rumor is that owner Mark Cuban is calling on The Ticket's Shaq-friendly Corby Davidson to seal the deal.

*The Stars' Brad Richards is out 6-8 weeks with a broken wrist. Rumor is that, like everything else, it's Sean Avery's fault.

*XTC, the large, much-heralded, all-nude club that heralded itself as Texas' largest all-nude club when it opened, doesn't seem to be, um, open. I considered going there one day last month, but it was closed. I drive by the place twice a day on the weekends to and fro my moonlight gig at 105.3 The Fan and I've never seen more than two, maybe three cars in the parking lot. Rumor is it couldn't secure proper licensing and went kaput after one weekend.

*Finally, I saw where Dallas' Only Daily broke some story about the shitty 75 HOV lane. Rumor is they're late to the party. Actually, that one's a fact.

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