New Toadies (?) and Old "Incense"

A couple of musical notes, beginning with something posted over on DC9 at Night -- two surreptitiously shot videos from someone going by the moniker TOADIESsuperfan. Seems the feller had himself a run-in with the Toadies, who, sez Kirtland Records' Tami Thomsen in the comments, are rehearsing for some June dates forthcoming any second now, really, on the band's MySpace page. Of course, what's gotten folks so excited about the two clips is that they seem to suggest the band's working on some new material.

Over at the FrontBurner, you'll find recounted a funny story involving Rubber Gloves' owner Josh Baish. But speaking of the olds, after the jump is a rather nifty blast from the past just posted to the YouTube: a clip of golden-oldie Dallas band Southwest F.O.B. performing its hit cover of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's "Smell of Incense" on Houston TV, circa 1968. And, yes, that is the local band in which England Dan and John Ford Coley got their start. --Robert Wilonsky

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