News & Notes: "Please Keep Oak Cliff Dry," A Blockbuster Battle and ... Moody Flashback!

A few very random notes while trying to wash the Magic Time Machine out of my clothes after last night ...

Saw first thing this morning that Barry Kooda is admin-ing a brand-new Facebook page: "Please Keep Oak Cliff Dry." Left and sent the Nervebreaker a few messages to discuss and will follow with a full item later, but till then a sum-up:

We are not frightened old fogies but we think there's enough booze available within close proximity. We understand the economic boon alcohol sales would make and we also understand the unpleasant changes it would bring to our neighborhoods and choose to say "no thank you".

Which reminds me: Downtown-based Blockbuster has decided it won't let Netflix's move to the Great White North go unchecked. Blockbuster has announced an unlimited DVD movie rental pass for $9.99 a month. But, seriously? Per The Hollywood Reporter: "There are restrictions on Blockbuster Canada's 'Favorites Pass,' including no rentals of Blu-ray or new movie releases, and only one disc to be taken out at a time." Sounds sure-fire.

And, finally, after the jump, some Chip Moody Blues as we flashback to the good ol' days of the Hot Klub (thanks, Bucks!), the Ralphs, a very young George Gimarc and Channel 4 before it became Fox-ed up.

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