No Cone For You

If Zac Crain wants my vote next year, he's gonna have to line up with all the other mayoral candidates and answer the tough questions, the first one being: What did Dallas do to piss off Ben & Jerry, and what will you do to win them over? Fort Worth has a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop. So does Houston. Ditto for San Antonio and Austin. Arlington, Plano and McKinney? Check. And don't say, "We have one at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport!" because you know that doesn't count. I am not driving to the airport and walking through a metal detector for a scoop of friggin' ice cream.

So today, while the rest of Texas and the nation celebrates Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day, I ask you, what will you do to bring Ben & Jerry's to Big D? And I don't mean one location at the Galleria or NorthPark. We need at least five. I'd like to suggest Deep Ellum, Lakewood and Uptown (preferably within walking distance of Maple and Oak Lawn) for Ben & Jerrydom. I have a dream, folks, a simple dream that one day the people of Dallas will gather together in the 100-degree heat to enjoy gobs of Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey and Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies ice cream. And then we can go to Steak 'n Shake. We need more Steak 'n Shakes... --Noah Bailey

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Robert Wilonsky
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