Amanda Brooks, we have a very legit business proposition to discuss with you.

No Expensive Hookers in Hour Town

Picking up on Wednesday's revelation in The New York Times that now-former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer got the high-priced pro treatment in Dallas, The Dallas Morning News follows with this piece about how, well, our hookers just ain't thatthis schmancy. Or, if they are, well, DPD knows nuthink 'bout no four- and five-figure nookie. More to the point, how come the Dallas-based author of The Internet Escort's Handbook -- "Amanda Brooks, a former independent escort and stripper in Dallas" -- isn't on our list of go-to experts? (From her bio: "She retired from escort work just shy of 29 and began working on a book for escorts." Scoreboarded again.) Now, the best three consecutive sentences in News history:

Ms. Brooks ... said she knows a couple of local women charging $500 to $800 an hour. The city also is not a routine stop for high-dollar touring escorts, she said. "Dallas is very much a one-hour town" where clients tend to prefer "a girl next door," she said.

Dallas: The One-Hour Town. Unfair Park's finally found its first T-shirt (and, perhaps, a lost Thornton Wilder play). And, can't get this out of my head.--Robert Wilonsky

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