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No Grammy, But an Emmy?

Clark Vogeler, the Toadie closest to camera, is up for an Emmy. Unfair Park says, "Mazel tov."
We were looking over the complete list of Emmy nominees this morning and were pleased--nay, delighted--to find an old Friend of Unfair Park's among those in contention. He's not competing against the likes of Larry David or Steve Carrell or Jon Stewart, but says here that come August, our old buddy Clark Vogeler will have his own shot at one of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' shiny statues for his work on Project Runway. Yup--that Clark Vogeler, the former guitarist for Funland and then the Toadies. One of my favorite people gets nominated for working one of my favorite TV shows--nice how it works out that way. Clark's among a team of six editors up for the nod, and they're competing against folks who worked on the likes of American Idol, Survivor and The Amazing Race in a category formally called Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming. This marks the second time Vogeler--who left Dallas for Los Angeles in 2001 to attend the Los Angeles Film School--has worked on an Unfair Park fave with the word "Project" in the title: Three years ago he was an assistant editor on HBO's Project Greenlight, about the making and eventual breaking of the million-dollar movie The Battle of Shaker Heights. Clark's also been seen of late playing again with the Toadies, with whom he won the most special of all accolades: a Dallas Observer Music Award, next to which an Emmy would surely pale. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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