No Knock on the Maquiladora

Roberto Coronado and Jesus Ca�as, two researchers at the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, released a study today in which they report that the Mexico's maquiladora industry grew at a 6.2 percent annual rate in May. Reuters follows with a story that reports that for the year, or at least through May, "employment in maquiladora factories rose by more than 28,000 jobs, mostly in the electronic, textile and chemical manufacturing sectors" and that "the outlook for the maquiladora sector remains bright." What's that mean? Well, says Reuters:

"A maquiladora is an assembly plant, typically along the U.S.-Mexico border, that imports materials and equipment for assembly and then re-exports the assembled product, usually back to the originating country.

Changes in maquiladora employment are seen as important when evaluating the Texas economy, because rising maquiladora employment creates greater demand for goods and services on the U.S. side. "

On a related note, I really like the band Maquiladora, which I believe has long since broken up. Shame. If they only knew how good business was going to be. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Maquiladora, "I'm in Love" (from the 2001 album Ritual of Hearts)

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