No Love Lost in Class Action

Speaking of Courthouse News ...

The lawsuit aggregator brings our attention to this class action filed late last week in Dallas federal court, which accuses Preston Center-based of breach of contract and negligent representation. It's not the first time has been accused of deception: In '05 there was that suit claiming the dating service used a female employee as "date bait." And a couple of years ago, a dude in Orlando posted this handy how-to: "How to Spot a Fake Profile."

This latest suit, brought by a Dallas attorney on behalf of out-of-towners using the matchmaking site, says that contains "thousands of fake and fraudulent profiles," many of which were "likely placed by third-parties for illegitimate and unlawful purposes," and that the site makes no effort to separate the spam from the pork. Says the suit:

While Match purports to have "millions" of active subscribers, well over half of the profiles on its site belong to inactive members who have cancelled their membership or allowed their subscriptions to lapse and/or are fake and fraudulent profiles posted by scammers and others. To the extent these types of profiles do not belong to the scammers that proliferate the site, the rest are unreachable by legitimate users attempting to avail themselves of the services offered by Match and paid for via subscription fees.

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Robert Wilonsky
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