North Dallas is Good for the Jews

Good thing I didn't let my subscription to Jewish Living lapse (got it for my bar mitzvah, along with a bunch of savings bonds and fountain pens). Because now I know that North Dallas is No. 5 on the list of the Chosen People's top 10 neighborhoods in North America -- right below Aventura, Florida (shocker!); Boulder, Colorado (WTF?); Lower Merion, Philadelphia; and the McGill Ghetto in Montreal (I know there's a joke about a certain D online editorial director in there somewhere). New York City doesn't even get a nod till No. 8 on the top 10 list. Speaking of North Dallas and the Jews, why was Bagelstein's in Preston Royal closed last night? Had to go to Cindy's instead. Needed a matzo ball. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: As the great Pete Oppel points out in the comments, the list was done alphabetically. But we're still in the Top 10 -- even without an H&H Bagels, except in the frozen section at Central Market. L'chaim!


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