Not a Lump of "Coal" at All

'Bout a week ago over on DC9, Pete posted some new Christmas carols from the likes of Dorrough, THe BAcksliders and A Bird A Sparrow, which, yet again, prompted me to dust off my copies of the long-out-of-print Honkey-Tonk Holidays: Christmas in Deep Noellum (released in '95) and 2000's Electric Ornaments: An Idol Records Christmas Collection, which is still available on iTunes. As we've highlighted both comps in the past -- here's a holy-jolly threesome from Honkey-Tonk Holidays, including the Old 97's; and here's Chomsky doing Vince Guaraldi off the Idol collection -- I thought instead I would just direct your attention to The Deathray Davies' stripped-down version of "I Got Coal" off Electric Ornaments, performed Friday on KXT's afternoon show.


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