Dallas Soars! Then lands on a northwest Dallas lawn.

Not Exactly Flying Off the Lawn

Whilst driving down Royal Lane, I spotted this odd lawn ornament: a Pegasus left over from the 2001 Dallas Soars! campaign that never seemed to really take flight. (There's a whole herd of them in the shopping center at southwest corner of Preston Road and LBJ Expressway. They dress up a GameStop and Deli News quite nicely.) As I recall from

our piece in August 2001

, you could get one of the some 200 winged fiberglass statues for some $6,000 back in the day, or you could pay two thou more and get an artist to do the dressin'-up for ya. As Buzz reported then about the citywide arts fundraiser:

"The statues will be displayed until February, after which the owners can keep them or contribute them to an auction to raise money for Adopt-a-Monument or Arts Partners. The former group preserves public art in Dallas; the latter is an arts education program."

Turns out they didn't really increase in value over these last five years. Since you can't read the for-sale sign, the worn-out-looking nag's going for $3,850, which is a deep discount on its original asking price. The sign also indicates that the horse is "the symbol of Dallas." I hope the owner's not talking about this one in particular. --Robert Wilonsky


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