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Not-So-Towering Inferno

I received the following e-mail today from Edwin Lipscomb of Luckscum Records, a local label that books its events at the Denton club The Inferno. What I can't figure out is if this place is closed or keeping its full calendar and just not serving any booze. You decide:

"The Inferno has temporarily lost its liquor license. Luckscum Records has suspended all bookings at The Inferno until the license issue is resolved. We appreciate everyones help with getting our calendar out. Hopefully you will be hearing from me soon and The Inferno will be rockin again."

I re-mailed Edwin but received no response. Phone calls led me nowhere. I called one number and received that infamous this-number-has-been-disconnected beep. Information has no listing for "a club with that name." And Myspace offers no help either: No bulletin has been posted on either the Inferno's pages or Luckscum's. Still, it is fun to say Luckscum. --Rich Lopez

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Robert Wilonsky
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