Now, Another Way to Kill an Hour at NorthPark Center: Reading

At long last, the Dallas Public Library System's latest branch -- Bookmarks -- is set to open at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow in NorthPark Center. Come for the magazines, CDs and DVDs; stay for the Early Leaning Stations and after-school homework tutoring! Sounds too good to be true, especially as the City of Dallas is looking to trim its budget by trimming some branches' hours to save a couple of million in the budget. And, really, I kinda miss the days when NorthPark had bookstores and record shops. First album I ever bought with my own money: one of those famously phony copies of Introducing the Beatles at the Melody Shop. True story.

In related news, I like the new Dallas police watchtower in the NorthPark parking lot off Park Lane. Because now I always know where I parked my car. --Robert Wilonsky


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