Now, You Can Tell The Kids, "Hey, We're Going to the Perot." Or Not.

The museum's gonna need a new logo.

Here's a pretty awesome way to reach your "$100 million milestone": Get Margot and H. Ross Perot's kids to give you, like, $50 million. Which is precisely what was announced today: Katherine Perot, Carolyn Perot Rathjen, Suzanne Perot McGee, Nancy Perot Mulford and Ross Perot Jr. got a bunch of fancypants together today at the W Hotel in Victory Park to announce their most generous donation to the Museum of Nature & Science -- or, at least, the new one at the northwest corner of Woodall Rodgers Freeway and N. Field Street. Said museum officials, it's "an extraordinary tribute and a momentous gift," ya think? And what does $50 mil get you? The Perot Museum of Nature & Science. (Update: After the jump, the entire list of donors -- including Ray Hunt and T. Boone Pickens, whose respective $10-mil giveaways look like chicken feed now, hunh.) --Robert Wilonsky


The Museum of Nature & Science has secured nearly $106 million in capital funds towards its current goal of $155 million, which will fund the site acquisition, exhibition planning and design, construction of the new building, education programs and an endowment. Major gifts include the following:

The Perot Children $50,000,000

Hunt Petroleum $10,000,000

The Hoglund Foundation & Family $10,000,000

T. Boone Pickens $10,000,000

The Rees-Jones Foundation $10,000,000

David, Emily and Catherine Corrigan $2,500,000

Harry W. Bass Jr. Foundation $1,000,000

Maura B. and Timothy P. Costello $1,000,000

Kathryn Hiett Jordan $1,000,000

Harry W. Bass Jr. Foundation $1,000,000

The Rosewood Foundation $1,000,000

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Beecherl Jr. $500,000

EOG Resources $500,000

Swank Capital, LLC $500,000

Museum allocation from receipts from the Body Worlds exhibition $250,000

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Robert Wilonsky
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