Now You Too Can Watch the Dallas Film Society's Horton Foote Cinematic Highlight Reel

Shortly after the kick-off of Foote Festival, the through-May 1 area-wide celebration of the life and work of Wharton native Horton Foote, a Friend of Unfair Park bemoaned the fact there was but one of his films featured as part of the fest: Foote's adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, which screened last month at the Studio Movie Grill. Why not Tender Mercies? The Trip to Bountiful? Or even The Chase (a guilty pleasure)? A missed opportunity.

Instead, we do have this highlight reel assembled by the Dallas Film Society for last Friday's awards ceremony at Union Station, where Horton's daughter Hallie claimed his Star Award. The DFS kindly made it available today, along with other compilations featuring the works of actors and filmmakers feted throughout the 10-day Dallas International Film Festival. Which is why, on the other side, you'll also find Ann-Margret at the State Fair.

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