Of Course

Last week, when the weather was fair, it was interesting to see all these rich-looking white guys with their polo-shirt collars flipped up piled into a Lexus getting off I-35E at Ledbetter Road in the heart of Southern Dallas. I thought, "These guys have got to be French."

But, no. They were golfers! They were headed where I was, to the Cedar Crest Golf Course on Southerland Avenue, where the links recently underwent a $3 million renovation. That's in addition to the beautiful new $2.2 million club house.

That's the great thing about golfers: They have no qualms where good golf courses are concerned. They'll go anywhere, do anything, kiss up to anybody to get a tee time. Former Park Board vice president Dwaine Caraway, who championed the new course and club house with his wife Barbara when she was a city council member, told me he sees Park Cities types there all the time.

Who'da thunk it? Golf as an engine of social change. I don't play, myself. I would, but it's hard for me to justify giving up that kind of time when I know there is still important fishing to be done. --Jim Schutze


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