Oh, There's Sundance Winner Shane Carruth

As mentioned late last week, Brick-layer Rian Johnson was at the Magnolia last night for two Q&A's -- one after the 7:10 p.m. screening of his Brothers Bloom; and one before the 9:45 p.m. showing. The house was packed for both screenings, each filled with fans who knew every last detail of Johnson's 2005 debut and asked thoughtful questions about the sophomore effort, well done.

And in attendance for the early screening was Johnson's pal and recently moved-to-Frisco Shane Carruth, whose Primer, you'll no doubt recall, picked up two significant prizes at Sundance in '04 and from whom we haven't heard much of late. But till the wee small hours of this morning, Carruth laid out the details of his Grand Jury Prize-winner's follow-up, about which, sadly, nothing can be said at this point. Alas, it will be worth the wait -- however long that'll be. Incidentally, Johnson points our direction to this Primer timeline -- which is either five years too late or three years too early, depending upon how many times you've seen Carruth's time-bender and tried to figure out what happens when and to whom and whyohwhy.

And whilst we're on the subject of moviegoing at the Mag, do not forget Friday's appearance of Anvil, who'll put metal on metal following the 7:45 p.m. screening of the band's eponymous rockumentary (and not the 9:45 p.m. showing, as originally advertised). Having finally seen the movie over the weekend, it's every bit as astounding as advertised, only more so.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.