Oh, TMZ.com, You're So Badu!

For some reason, TMZ.com this morning has a problem with a picture of Erykah Badu, taken during a Sunday-night show in Miami. "Erykah Bad-Do," get it? But a local springs to Badu's defense:

sure, miss badu is a freak. i live in dallas, and she pretty much does and says what is on her mind. miss badu Does Not Care what anyone thinks. yet before we go trashing her, after she made her money, did she move to LA and join the party crowd? no, she stayed in the poor black south dallas neighborhood she grew up in, she built community centers for children, she put her money where her mouth is. she did not forget where she came from and she resurrected a worn down part of dallas, lowering crime, increasing property values, educating black children to give them a much needed boost in this world.

And so on. The pink housecoat, though, that might be a little much. --Robert Wilonsky

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