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Oh, Yes, It's Ladies' Nights

This is a photo from Ghostbar. Wow, that's surprising, isn't it? Yeah, totally.
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March is National Women's History Month! How exciting! How important! How this makes me want to employ gratuitous use of exclamation points! Hurrah, women! Despite the fact that we spend a good portion of our lives bleeding profusely and have spent a good portion of existence being oppressed by male-dominated societies in which rigid gender roles have caused us to suffer great injustice and exist in a state of general pissed-offedness, we have persevered. Way to go, ladies. Rejoice, for now we may revel in a time of sexual and physical liberation, doing just about whatever we damn well please, depending on who you ask.

In the spirit of celebrating one's sex -- and in the spirit of celebrating one's gender, a totally different endeavor altogether -- and, finally, in the spirit of celebrating in general, I sifted through the annals of MySpace to find out exactly which Dallas bars identify as female. With the help of my esteemed imbibing colleagues, I came up with 38 drinking establishments, only 12 of which are female. Some of them may surprise you. Others ... well, don't act like you didn't know Sue Ellen's was a girl.

The list is after the cut, with accompanying roster of boy bars. Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions for the many, many bars I forgot or intentionally left out because they suck. --Andrea Grimes


Ghostbar (Prevalence of silicone necessitates it must be so.)

The Bone (Tough girl wears leather, but really just wants someone to hold her.)

The Ginger Man (This Uptown fave is transgender! Per the bar's name: born male but identifies female.)

Barley House (Based on patrons seen during recent Friday night visit, is also a Tri-Delt.)

Gachet (No word on whether Victory Park location will identify male based on proximity to American Airlines Center.)

Minc Lounge (Smoky, sexy, club girl from the wrong side of the tracks)

What?Bar (Perpetually wearing a wet t-shirt)

Winedale Tavern (She ain't no spring chicken, but you'd still kind of hit it.)

McKinney Avenue Tavern (You were surprised when she totally beat you at H-O-R-S-E.)

Blarney Stone (An Irish lass)

Buddies (She's the ideal girlfriend -- whether you're gay or not.)

Sue Ellen's (You can always call her for a good time.)

Gender non-specific:

The Absinthe Lounge


Club Dada

Tipperary Inn


The Libertine

Meridian Room

Bar of Soap

Fallout Lounge



Tiger Room

Darkside Lounge

Elm Street Bar

Ben's Half-Yard House

Amsterdam Bar

Elbow Room

Carson's Live


Lee Harvey's


Throckmorton Mining Company

Rocket Bar

Lakewood Bar and Grill

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