On May 5, You're Invited to Grill TxDOT and NTTA Officials About the Trinity Toll Road

Judy Schmidt at Dallas City Hall just called to say she's not sure where The Dallas Morning News got its info about a Mayor Tom Leppert-led Trinity River Corridor Project Summit this morning, because, she insists, there weren't no such thing. But she does remind those so interested that on May 5, Texas Department of Transportation and North Texas Tollway Authority officials will formally review the looooong-awaited Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement, an early draft of which just became available on the NTTA's Web site.

That's when the public's invited to a Trinity Parkway Public Hearing at the Dallas Convention Center Arena. There will also be a public house from 4 to 7 p.m. in advance of the hearing, during with TxDOT and NTTA officials will meet and greet with concerned citizens, who'll be afforded, finally, the opportunity to "ask questions about anything regarding the SDEIS they wish to ask," the NTTA's Sherita Coffelt tells Unfair Park this morning. Folks can also look at maps, models and other supplemental materials.

Then, at 7 p.m., more fun. Like what? Jump. But there goes my Cinco de Mayo barbecue.

After the open house, NTTA and TxDOT staffers will make a presentation about the project and "the alternative," Coffelt says; then there will be a public comment period.

"But this is important to note," Coffelt says. "Responses will not be made by NTTA and TxDOT officials because of time constraints and to allow everyone to speak. It'll just be providing information and accepting comments for the record."

Folks who want to get on record, pro or con, can submit questions here.

At the moment, Schmidt and Coffelt don't know whether city officials will attend the public hearing or open house. But we do know one who will attend: Angela Hunt, who tells Unfair Park she's going. She's also about to sit down with alll 4,000 pages of the SDEIS. And after she reads it, she's going to provide Unfair Park with a written response, perhaps as early as late this afternoon.

She also reminds: There is another council vote scheduled some time this year on the alignment of the Trinity Parkway. It was supposed to happen last August, but has been put off for myriad reason. Can't imagine what they might be.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.