On the Border, Off the Fence

Days after Farmers Branch voters handed Tim O’Hare a mandate to enforce immigration laws -- or at least try -- and Carrollton voters replaced Don Henley's fiancée with O'Hare of the dog that bit you, folks and leaders along Texas’ southern border seem to feel a bit differently. They're more like, oh, Tommy Lee Jones.

El Paso’s county commissioners voted 3-1 on Monday in favor of a resolution that calls for halting construction of the border wall; they also insisted that local law enforcement officials should not enforce federal immigration laws. Then there’s the mayor of Brownsville, who dispensed with niceties and flat out called Rep. Tom Tancredo a bigot and lambasted the wall project as “racist.” And the Texas Border Coalition -- a consortium of South Texas municipal, academic and resident groups -- will announce at a Washington, D.C., press conference today that it’s suing the Department of Homeland Security over the planned border wall. Perhaps they should get a certain St. Mark's grad to author their complaint. --Megan Feldman

Update: The suit was indeed filed today, and among among the allegations, reports the Associated Press: "Landowners' rights to equal protection under the law were violated because the fence bypasses the property of some well-connected landowners, including Dallas billionaire Ray Hunt and his relatives." Which Friends of Unfair Park have known since February.

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Robert Wilonsky
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