On the Mayor's To-Do List This Week: Santiago Calatrava and Judge C. Victor Lander

A peek at Mayor Tom Leppert's schedule this week reveals two intriguing appointments. Like tomorrow, for instance: The mayor's getting together with one Santiago Calatrava, who's in town for some kind of a dinner tomorrow night -- though maybe he's helping workers unload the steel for the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Chris Heinbaugh, the mayor's chief of staff, tells Unfair Park there's no "specific agenda" for the sitdown, only that "the two are just sitting down to chat. It's basically a courtesy visit since he's here. I'm sure they'll talk about the bridges and the steel's arrival."

I also asked Heinbaugh about Leppert's scheduled sitdown Wednesday morning with Administrative Judge C. Victor Lander, whose Dallas Weekly column last week garnered him some national attention -- something to do with the line about how "black folks have been cleaning up white folks' messes for hundreds of years." Writes the chief of staff in an e-mail to Unfair Park, "The Mayor was out of town and has not had a chance to sit down with the Judge and discuss the column. Several Councilmembers wanted to discuss this further, so an item is on the Addendum for an Executive Session on Wednesday."

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