On Thursday, "Occupy Dallas"

There's a HuffPo piece this morning about how the pepper-spray-flavored Occupy Wall Street protests moved to the West Coast yesterday -- San Francisco, specifically, and the Bank of America building in the Financial District. Next Thursday, though, they hit a little closer to home. Without Radiohead, which may or may not (not, most likely) be playing the NYC protests today, but, still.

Occupy Dallas's Facebook page, which has close to 2,500 likes and 549 RSVPs, says a similar event, though a one-off, will be staged here October 6 beginning at 9 a.m., when protestors are scheduled to begin gathering at Pike Park on Harry Hines before they make the long march to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas at N. Pearl and Woodall Rodgers, where we've espied Ron Paul supporters during a few recent Saturday morning trips downtown. Their mission, natch: "to peacefully protest with the rest of the world against corruption and greed." In that case, why not Bank of America too?


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