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Jeniffer Tunay shows her injuries to KTVT-Channel 11 reporter Clif Caldwell.

"On Your Left!"

By now you've no doubt heard that on Monday night, a couple was biking on the Katy Trail when they were attacked by a man wielding a box cutter. Well, Bryan Kilburn, whose wife Jeniffer was on the receiving end of the attack, yesterday posted to his MySpace page his account of the event:

Jeniffer and I were riding on the Katy Trail at the beginning of our normal nocturnal loop from the studio to White Rock when some one rode up next to us and started screaming, "on your left!" Why we reacted the way we did remains a bit of a mystery to me, but after having this happen so many times at the lake and various places, and after having had so many close calls with people in cars, I think we'd just had enough. So we kicked it in gear, passed the dude, and then let him have a taste of his own medicine. We put a little distance between us before he caught up and the rest is kind of a blur. I remember yelling at Jeniffer to just let him go by. I remember him ramming her bike with his and trying to kick her, and then in the halo of our head lights, I saw the knife.

This fucker was trying to cut my wife with a box cutter!!

Kilburn also provides a description of the assailant: "He's bald, shaves his body or has little hair, has a dark, curly mustache, is around 5'8", 145-160 lbs, and is between 33-45 years old. He was known to frequent Uptown Bikes." --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.