One Day Before Winspear Event, Jamie Foxx Cancels Due to Work on Tarantino Movie

The AT&T Performing Arts Center is about to send out a formal release, but long story short: Jamie Foxx isn't coming to the Winspear Opera House tomorrow night after all. The Terrell native was supposed to take part in the Brinker International Forum, for a Q&A hosted by none other than Gordon Keith. But it's off. And sources say there's no talk of rescheduling the event. Far as they're concerned, it's canceled.

Why the no-go? Well: Initially, the Foxx event was supposed to take place December 8. But in October, the AT&T Performing Arts Center sent a note rescheduling the event to December 1, saying that his work on the upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained, in which Foxx will play the title character, necessitated the move. Now, that's that. The AT&T Performing Arts Center only found out last night. I'll post the official announcement to Mixmaster as soon as it arrives.

Update: Here's the Official Word from the AT&T PAC, which includes ticket-refund info.

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