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One More Reason Why Adelfa Callejo May Not Get a DISD School Named For Her

As we mentioned earlier, tonight's jam-packed Dallas Independent School District board of trustees meeting has this among its hot-button agenda items: the naming of an elementary school after Dallas lawyer and longtime Latina activist Adelfa Callejo. Opponents of naming a school for Callejo will offer the document you will find after the jump, along with other evidence, they say shows Callejo has a history of racist statements.

You may remember Callejo made national headlines in February 2008 when she said, "Obama's problem is he happens to be black." Her supporters say that remark has been blown all out of proportion. But this 12-year-old document will be offered tonight to show that she's been up to the same hijinks for a long time. I faxed the document to her earlier today and asked to discuss it with her but have not heard back.

(Update: The board voted last night to name a school for Callejo. Four voted for; two, against. Two trustees, Ron Price and Leigh Ann Ellis, abstained.)

Some background: At the time Callejo penned this particular grito, the DISD superintendent, Yvonne Gonzalez, had just resigned under mysterious circumstances. Matthew Harden, who was the district's chief financial officer, was suing Gonzalez and DISD, claiming among other things that Gonzalez was sexually oppressing him.

Harden is black. The whites on the board were trying to resolve the matter "without lasting bitterness among either whites or blacks," according to a story in The Dallas Morning News. Eventually Gonzalez got sent up the river over reports the Observer published about her, revealing she had used school district money to furnish her office and a "love nest," as it was described in stories at the time.

So, one thing: DISD right now is actually looking pretty good, in relative terms.

Anyway, things were a mess, and this is what Callejo had to add to the fire.

Adelfa Letter to Trustees 1997

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