Best thing ever: This is the pic of Marvin Hamlisch that accompanies his Wikipedia entry -- which also includes a 1996 movie called Dirk Nowitzki, silly hackers.

One Singular Sensation Blah Blah Blah

Tonight's AFI Dallas bigwig event is a gratis, come-one-come-all show-and-tell featuring legendary film and Broadway composer Marvin Hamlisch. (Sorry, but I will always love the music for A Chorus Line, and for that, I blame my mom.) And, from what we hear, this throwdown at the Nasher Sculpture Center won't be a small-time affair. We're not allowed to divulge info, as we've been sworn to 13 different flavors of secrecy, but those expecting just your run-of-the-mill talk-sing-talk kinda thing will be pleasantly surprised, as it's been turned into something a little more...ah...special. So show early, and don't be surprised if you wind up sitting next to someone you know -- or someone you probably oughta meet.

Till then, a sneek peak is provided below. The event begins at 7:30 p.m., but if you're not lined up a good hour before, you be SRO. Or SOL. --Robert Wilonsky


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