Operation Restrained. Or Not.

Seems the folks at Operation Save America, a local anti-abortion group that insists "Jesus Christ is the only answer to the abortion holocaust," have been busy these last few days. The so-called "Gentle Revolution" has been in Jackson, Mississippi, since July 15 "storming the gates of hell in the strong Name of Jesus Christ," by which they mean picketing the only abortion clinic in the state. That isn't sitting well with folks from the National Organization for Women and other pro-choice organizations, representatives from which showed up at the Mississippi state capitol today to denouce OSA. "Everybody here is not pro-choice. We rose to the occasion to defend one another when we saw bigotry, hatred and violence being incited by the other side," said Michelle Colon, president of the Jackson chapter of NOW. Don't know why Colon has a problem with OSA: Says the Associated Press, all OSA's done since showin' up in Jackson is "[burn] a copy of the Islamic holy book, the Quran, during a gathering Tuesday at the Making Jesus Real Church in Pearl [and destroy] a rainbow flag, a symbol of the gay community." Also, says the AP:

"The Rev. Philip 'Flip' Benham, the director of OSA, boasted about burning the rainbow flag. Benham said his group's activities reflect what he said is God's intolerance for homosexuality, abortion and the Islam religion.

'We're glad to be able to draw a line in the sand and say these things have something in common--they are all lies from the very pit of Hell that destroy God's people,' Benham said Friday."

Sounds tasteful. Gentle, even. --Robert Wilonsky

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