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Our, Ahem, Supermodel Says Goodbye

Just a quick update for the world’s most boring reality show, Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel: There are eight modeltestants left, and Plano’s Stephanie ain’t one of them. She was sent packing at the start of last night’s show after, during the previous episode, she blew an “acting” photo shoot that required her to play a woman catching her man in the heat of cheat. She didn’t achieve an ounce of conviction. Judges also thought that during her paired catwalk, her “evil” faltered against competitor Holly’s “good” superhero, but I didn’t see the offense. It was her first time in the bottom three.

Viewers voted to keep All-American Ronnie and beach bum Frankie, but kicked Steph to the curb as Tyson mumbled a “We can’t make you a supermodel” that was as passionless as her photo shoot. Sure, she had a bad week, but honestly, the Plano beauty will surely go on to do bigger and better than this unfortunate Bravo venture.

In a not-really-shocking lack of drama for the show, her parting comments were simply, “Right now, actually I’m just like really surprised … and that sounds like I’m totally full of myself … I really feel like I didn’t like get to show everything that I could do.” And with that, she was chauffeured away in her heart-shaped shades.

The rest of the faces went on to pose underwater with a snake named Lemon and walk the runway with giant headdresses and petting zoo animals. Oh, and Frankie’s Fabio locks were chopped. Seriously. Hillary’s gazes at Obama during the Austin debate had more heat than this show. --Merritt Martin

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