Our First and Last iPhone Post Ever

We don't need a reason to hang out at NorthPark, but those who chose the mall rather than Knox-Henderson to wait till the 6 p.m. iPhone frenzy made the right move. Like our new Friends, Justin and Bobbie at left.

Today, some of us formed a lunch posse and hit the NorthPark Center food court for some Hibachi Famiglia-Fil-A and an accidental peek at the Guitar Hero II contest at the GameStop. (Rock out, y’all.) Did one of us have a free gift coupon for Sephora? Why, yes, we did. Did we remember that it was iPhone day? Not if we could help it. Did we discover that people in need of an iPhone chose our retail sanctuary for their camping grounds? The smart ones -- we cite the 2:20-ish rainstorm -- did.

Suffice to say 112 peeps behind stanchions being monitored by six of Dallas’ finest was quite a scene. As we walked by, the Mac store employees blackened the closed storefront’s windows in front of the waiting masses, and what was already a long wait got way more dramatic.

Justin Hutchison and his wife Bobbie landed spots one and two in line this morning at 4:45 a.m. At 6:30 a.m. the mall let them in to wait in the air conditioning.

“'Cause it’s inside, and I figured freestanding crowds would be a lot bigger,” Hutchison said when asked why he chose this location versus the well-publicized freestanding Knox-Henderson spot. He noted the recent deluge of rain and heat. Mac-loyal teacher Jerenda Cox agreed. Rain and the fact that the mall wouldn’t let people camp overnight led her to this location.

Of course, at this point our interest was piqued, so we had to check out the line for weird shit and weird people. Seventh in line, Phil Hendrickson was offering sale of his spot for the right price. He claimed $300 was his minimum, but had not yet received an offer. While we spoke to him, a guy trolled the waiters for a BlackBerry Curve, figuring, we suppose, one of these nerds and trendwhores would surely have one to relinquish once they upgraded to the overhyped iPhone.

He was out of luck, as it turns out, but iPhone freaks did have among their possessions: one yoga mat, myriad SmartWaters, a live dog, one Rubik’s Cube, one Sony VAIO, too many MacBooks to count and one smokin’ hot game of Magic: The Gathering. --Merritt Martin

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