Very little in this sad world makes us laugh. Paul Varghese -- now that guy, he makes us laugh.

Our Little Boy's All Growed Up

Oh, sure, that St. Vincent girl gets to be on the blog every day because she's smokin' hot and unbelievably talented, singing her sulky, sultry indie pop for all -- but mostly Fingers o' Fury -- to hear. Of course she gets to be on the blog, because whenever one of our own makes it out there in the big, wide world, we Dallasites are obligated to freak the eff out about it, because it takes us one more tiny step away from being the city synomymous only with the initials J. and R.

So back up, Bobsky, because I'm going to add another potential piece of Dallas pride to the mix: stand-up comedian Paul Varghese, who's already appeared on Last Comic Standing and is going to be making his Comedy Central debut this July. Thankfully we don't have to wait until the sweltering summer to see his 1:24 of fame on Live At Gotham. Varghese's clip, which will air July 13 on the tee-vee, is on Unfair Park right now.

Go ahead, drive the company IT guy crazy by streaming the video. Or, if you're as scared as I am of the wrath of the nerd, you can see Paul Varghese in person tonight at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre, as he headlines the Last Call Comedy Showcase. Show's at 11 p.m. See you there. --Andrea Grimes

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