Out in Erath County, They're Still Searching for the Truth About Those Danged UFOs

A familiar name shows up as one of the contributors to the March Popular Mechanics cover story -- former Observer-er Joe Pappalardo, long time no see. Joe's among four writers playing Fox Mulder this month as he goes in search of ... "The Truth Behind UFO Sightings." Not surprisingly, the search takes them out to Erath County, where, on January 8 of last year, folks had themselves a close encounter with bright lights being chased by F-16s. Among those interviewed is Steve Allen, who maintains the Stephenville Lights site devoted to that magical day.

So, what's the conclusion? Well, it's a lengthy piece, but there is this spoiler midway through the story:

Stephenville is only the latest in a long list of UFO incidents that are likely based on military operations, starting with the Battle of Los Angeles. Whether the recent Texas sightings were flight exercises involving evasion flares or tests of an existing plane, a new plane or a UAV, any military activity in the area is likely to remain unexplained for awhile. We now know about the secret programs behind the UFO sightings of decades ago. But what of programs that are still secret?

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