Out of Catastrophe: Caring

Sometimes I have hope for this big ol' rock after all.

With the Dallas Cowboys named as the construction company and the lead engineer denying hands-on involvement, the aftermath of the team's practice facility collapse is eventually going to get ugly. And pricey.

But out of the rubble emerges some sanity, in the form of an outpouring of sympathy and action for paralyzed scouting department assistant Rich Behm.

In light of the tragedy, Spike TV postponed tonight's premiere party for the Michael Irvin/Cowboys Fourth and Long reality series at Sting. The new private party - scheduled for May 14 - will now double as a benefit for Behm and his family.


And then there's you ...

Morally - before even legally - I can almost guarantee Jerry Jones will take care of Behm and his family. The man has plenty of faults but he is nothing if not caring and loyal.

But before Jerry can write a check, fans have flooded the Cowboys with offers to help Behm. In response, a trust fund has been established at Bank of America.

Donations to the Rich Behm Trust Fund are being accepted:

BY MAIL: c/o Shelby Kirksey, 5500 Preston Road, Suite B, Dallas, 75205.

IN PERSON: any BOA location.

Cue the chill bumps.

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