Owen Wilson, You Got Some 'Splaining To Do, Bro.

You saw this, right? OK. Maybe not. Maybe you shut off the teevee before the fourth quarter. Maybe you threw it out the window. Maybe you shotgunned the sumbitch. So maybe you missed seeing Owen Wilson -- good ol' Dallas boy, fer Chrissakes -- cheering on the Golden State Warriors. Maybe you missed seeing The Butterscotch Stallion and his huggy bear Kate Hudson going apeshit over Baron Davis' Golden State shower of threes drowning Your Dallas Mavericks. Hell of a way for a boy from Dallas to act. Hell of a way to support the home team, even if they didn't deserve it.

And, yeah, we're well aware of the fact Owen's drinking buddies with Don Nelson. And, yeah, we know Owen wanted Nellie to be in some movie he was making. "He had a part for me," Nelson recently told the San Francisco Chronicle. "I was going to be a school principal." Effin' traitors, the whole lousy lot of ya. --Robert Wilonsky

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