Parade, Meet Rain

Concerning my post this a.m. about the fab opening of the W Hotel last night, Lorlee Bartos sends this missive, which is supposed to make all of us hobbing and nobbing last night feel guilty. Me, I just feel a little tired and queasy. (Note to self: Tequila, white wine and Jack Daniel's should never be mixed in one's stomach in the span of three hours.) The subject line of her e-mail reads: "I am with Schutze." I am too, most of the time.

"I am glad you all had a good time at our expense. I am not saying that what is there is bad, [but] consider the amount of money we spent and the lost opportunities. Just think what $150M could have bought that might have been much more beneficial for more people."

I know, I know. It's a bad deal. But have you tried the soft-shell crab at Craft? That's worth, like, $2.4 mil right there. --Robert Wilonsky


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