Last night's episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip took a shot at Bill Parcells. It was almost worth the two Sting songs. Almost.

Parcells Gets Strip-ped

Last night, the missus and I sat down to watch what's fast becoming my least-favorite favorite new TV show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, where they really need to stop showing the "comedy" bits from the show within the show since they're bereft of any comedy whatsoever. Anyway, one of the storylines involved a smarmy British reality-TV-show producer who wanted the fictional National Broadcasting System to buy his new show, a couples-busting scheme called Search and Destroy, which the NBS president played by Amanda Peet thought was too sleazy for the net. But the chairman of the network, played by Steven Weber, wanted the show. Their boss, played by Ed Asner, was brought in to settle the argument, since only he can override Peet.

But Asner chooses to side with Peet's character. The reason, he tells Weber? "You wanted her to cook the dinner, at least you should let her shop for the groceries." As Asner walks out the door, Peet turns to Weber and asks, "Who said that?" Weber, his face balled up into a fist, snarls, "Bill Parcells, a football coach who hasn't won a playoff game in nine years." That even made the missus laugh; she hates Parcells, who first uttered that line 10 years ago, when, as the New England Patriots head coach, he wanted to draft a defensive player in the first round of the draft only to be overruled by team ownership, who instead selected...Terry Glenn, the go-to receiver on Bill Parcells' Dallas Cowboys.

You can watch last night's episode of Studio 60 here; I wouldn't, if I were you, as the site's crap and loads slower than Parcells runs. --Robert Wilonsky

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