Seems the city council didn't vote on the Trinity Lakes project after all. Wow. That's a stunner.

Pardon, But What Trinity Lakes Vote?

Oh, by the way, I just wanted to point out that FrontBurner's very confident prediction of action on the Trinity Lakes at city council today...uh...didn't happen.

Yesterday, at the very last minute under legal posting deadline requirements, somebody slapped a thing on the council agenda for today calling for the council to approve a contract to design the chain of lakes.

Then they told Dallas Blog about it--you know, to show how active and aggressive they're being. Then FrontBurner picked up on it. Somebody else called me about it to warn me about more sneaky business at City Hall.

Anyway, Wick Allison's worthy acolyte Tim Rogers chimed in on FrontBurner with the glad tidings: "...tomorrow the city will formally authorize the first phase of design for the Trinity Lakes portion of the project."

Oh, ta-effing-da, you know.

That was posted a bit after Mr. Allison his own self wrote, "The committee meetings, the public forums and presentations, the newspaper articles, our entire special edition, etc., all seem to have whizzed right past him." "Him" being me, got it?

Yeah, well, there's a lot of whizzing going on about this thing lately.

So today the lake design contract was indeed on the council's consent agenda, meaning they were supposed to vote on it without talking about it. But Mitchell Rasansky took it off the consent agenda--his privilege--so it would have to be talked about. And then Ed Oakley got it tabled for a month.

No ta, no da, no way.

I'm working on a column for next week about more Trinity shenanigans. It's not my opus on Mayor Miller's gross distortions. That, I've got to work on longer. I mean, that's just gross, you know.

But I think this stuff today is just funny. Laughable. Could they possibly do anything to make the Trinity River project look even more like an under-the-table sneaky-Pete screw-job? Oh, please, forget I even asked that. --Jim Schutze

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