Right click the pic to see if you recognize any of these J.J. Pearce grads.

Pardon ... Kat "The Lesbian?" My Pals at Pearce Always Were More Fun.

On March 5, TV Land's gathering the 11 former J.J. Pearce High School Mustangs who comprise the cast of High School Reunion for a show-watching party somewhere in the DFW. That's the same night the six-episode series premieres, and the Mustangs reunited for two weeks in Hawaii -- an event "sure to rekindle past relationships, rivalries and romances," enh -- will be there, including, ahem, Cheryl "The Outsider," Deanna "The Popular Girl," Glenn "The Geek," Justin "The Pipsqueak," Kat "The Lesbian," Kirstin "The Spoiled Girl," Matt "The Jock," Mike "The Rebel," Rob "The Stud," Sean "The Millionaire" and Yvette "The Girl Next Door." I am very close to asking a former classmate of theirs to cover the premiere-watching party... --Robert Wilonsky

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