"People Openly Lit Up and Smoked Marijuana": Take a Big Whiff of the Texxas Jam in 1978

As many times as the Texxas Jam's come up, I can't believe we've never seen this: Channel 8's coverage of the '78 "Texxas Music Festival," featuring reporter Randy Jackson's sweat-soaked, dope-smoked coverage of the billion-degree July 1 concert at the Cotton Bowl. Among the headliners that day: Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Van Halen (glimpsed briefly), Journey and Heart. A Friend of Unfair Park just noticed it had been posted a couple of months back in conjunction with a one-and-done eBay auction. Suffice it to say, we're all winners. Bring back the Jam! Somebody. Top priority of the summer.


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