Chili's Chicken Crispers® are still delicious, unless yer a purple PETA eatah!

PETA's Stopping By For a Bite at Brinker Shareholder Shindig Tomorrow

If you happen to be taking in an early screening of High School Music 3 tomorrow at the Cinemark 17 on Webb Chapel Road, be warned: The theater's also the site of Brinker International's annual shareholders meeting, which kicks off at 10 a.m. Should be multiplex-worthy entertainment: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is showing up, ready to reiterate its earlier pleas for Chili's to kill its chickens with, ya know, kindness.

PETA's providing a sneak peak at its shareholder proposal, which calls for Brinker to stop dipping its chickens' heads in "an electrified bath" before "slitting their throats while they're conscious, and then defeathering them in scalding-hot water" before turning them into your dinner. Instead, PETA would prefer Brinker go with "controlled-atmosphere killing," which sounds like gassing them to death, only because that's what it is. Mmm, feeling very Chick-fil-A all of the sudden. --Robert Wilonsky


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