Pete Sessions Doesn't Know Allen Stanford. Except That One Time, In Antigua ...

On Tuesday, just the feds were charging "Sir" Robert Allen Stanford with "massive, ongoing fraud" in Dallas federal court, a Friend of Unfair Park pointed out a report that Stanford had sponsored Senator John Cornyn's November 2004 $7,000 "fact-finding mission" to Antigua. Now, courtesy another interested Friend of Unfair Park, comes a closer-to-home connection -- Congressman Pete Sessions, whose people are claiming that, sure, he got $41,375 from Stanford, but, naw, he doesn't know the guy personally. (And, yes, Stanford and his employees have given generously to the right and to the left -- including $19,700 to Cornyn, $7,300 to Kay Bailey Hutchison, $6,900 to Hillary Clinton and $4,600 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.) Only, well, the Dallas Republican does know him -- as Talking Points Memo has been talking about and pointing out all morning long. With pictures. From Antigua. Which looks awful purty.

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Robert Wilonsky
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