Dwaine Caraway isn't trying to outlaw this, right? Just checking.

Philly Paper Pulls Down Pants on Dallas' "Pull 'Em Up" Campaign

You know who doesn't think Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway's campaign to get Dallas to pull up its saggin' pants is all that? The editorial board of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Wuh-oh:

Clearly, some lawmakers feel they have nothing better to do. Clearly, they just can't stand it any more. Clearly, it's silly.

It's also ironic. This, friends, is payback.

Today's town boards are peopled by many former children of the 1960s. They irritated, outraged and countercultured their own parents to a mama-no-more, and probably never thought (once they cut their hair, went to business school, and made a mint) it could happen to them.

It did. Such is the perpetual cycle: "This is a human brain . . . this is a human brain on the drug called youth." Saggy pants with skivvies out . . . lower back exposed but not all the way . . . it's the classic kid's game of play-chicken-with-the-boundaries.


Yeah, but in Philly, they're U-G-L-Y, and they ain't got no alibi. I just hope they don't outlaw puffy shirts. --Robert Wilonsky

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