Pickin' on Pickens: FedEx Thinks T. Boone Is Full of Natural Gas

T. Boone Pickens, out peddling his plan to ween the U.S. off the foreign-oil teat since July, has long maintained that natural gas is the future. FedEx CEO Fred Smith says: Nope, sorry hybrids are the future. Notes this morning's Wall Street Journal, the disagreement's getting awful big and growing just a wee bit personal as Smith and his director of sustainability, Mitch Jackson, and the Dallas billionaire square off in a series of, no kiddin', blog posts -- how Miley-Demi! Wrote Pickens on Wednesday:

Not only does Jackson need to do more homework on the domestic availability and clean air benefits of natural gas, he needs to realize that deploying vehicles that use slightly less foreign oil -- vehicles that have little testing or are not available in the marketplace -- will not solve America's energy crisis.

But there is a special someone for whom T. Boone offered some kind words yesterday: Barack Obama, following the president-elect's speech yesterday. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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